Best vacuum for hardwood floors reviews and buying guide 2017

Best vacuum for hardwood floors

These days more people seem to be moving away from wall to wall carpets and back to hardwood floors, and for that reason we’ve devoted a specific category to vacuum cleaners that work very well on hardwood. If you’re looking to buy a unit for this surface make sure to consider the following factors before making your choice.

For Hardwood Floors Only!: No matter how much you love your hardwood vac, don’t push its limits. Sure some of these unit can also be used on an area rug here or there, but most of them aren’t meant for heavy rugs. If you push your limits you’ll probably find that these units will last you a few months, when they could have lasted you a few years.

Rubber Wheels and Felt Threads: Both of these small parts make a world of difference when looking to preserve your hardwood floors. The only thing worse than dusty hardwood floors are scratched and scuffed floors, so make sure to choose a unit with rubber wheels and felt threads, so your hardwood floors stay pristine.

Floor Level Controls and Spinning Brushes: You don’t have to worry about a spinning brush that will scratch up your floors with most of these units; however, keep an eye out for spinning brushes with no floor level control. Some units that are also meant for carpets come with a spinning brush, and it’s important to set your floor level controls correctly so that you won’t scratch up your floors.

Beware of a Model that Topples: Toppling is an issue with any upright vacuum cleaner, but when you’re vacuuming carpets you at least have somewhat of a cushion. On hardwood floors there’s no such cushion, so make sure to exercise some caution with your cleaning machine.

Avoid pulling the machine by its cord and try not to plug the model in when it’s far away from the outlet. This could cause you to pull the vacuum cleaner over when you’ve run out of electric cord. Also make sure that your upright model clicks into place when you have it standing vertically, so it doesn’t fall over when you walk way.

Difference Between Hardwood & Tile: Many people believe that all hard surfaces floors are created equally, and that’s just not the case. While some vacuum cleaners work very well on hardwood floors. they may not be great fits for tile floors. Make sure to verify your desired vacuum cleaner’s performance on the most common surface in your home, so you don’t choose the wrong unit for your surface.Best vacuum for hardwood floors

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Reviews 2017

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective vacuum for hardwood and tile floors then this is the unit for you. At only $20 this vacuum provides a huge upgrade from your broom, and gives you plenty of versatility as it’s actually three vacuums in one. With the handheld option and the crevice tool this dirt devil gets you into all of those small space, and truly brings and end to the days of brooms and dust pans.

This vacuum cleaner brings exactly what it advertises: a solution for hardwood and tile floors only. This model gives you a great solution for tackling the general dust, dirt and hair from your hardwood floors, and has a dust cup that’s easy to empty. Sure it may not pick up the largest and heaviest pieces of dirt and gravel, but no vacuum is perfect.

For only $20 this light vacuum will give you clean floors in no time. You can’t beat the versatility of a three in one unit, and if you use it as intended you’ll have the cleanest hardwood floors you’ve ever had. Overall the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight is a great companion vac for those who want something light and inexpensive for hardwood floors.


-3 in 1-Handheld, utility and upright vac



-Crevice tool


-Suction could be better

-Narrow cleaning head

VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

For a stick vac the VonHaus blows its owners away with its superior suction. This light stick vac comes standard with a HEPA filter that picks up and blocks nearly 100% of allergens, and has a telescope handle that allows for easy height adjustment. The strong suction and lightweight design make the VonHaus 2-in-1 a must for those hardwood and tile floors.

Vacuums with strong suction often come with a lot of noise, and that’s certainly the case with this model. Sure you want a quiet vac, but isn’t strong suction more important. Owners of this model also note that the attachments do not always stay on the unit, and some have complained about the weakly designed dust bin.

Sure the vacuum cleaner could have been designed with stronger parts, yet some of the responsibility here falls on owners who treat their stick vacs like ragdolls and not like machines that could break. With its HEPA filter, the VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Stick vacuum is a breathe of fresh air for those of you searching for a lightweight vacuum with great suction for those hardwood and tile floors.


-HEPA filter

-Crevice tool, brush, extension tube

-Strong Suction

-Telescope handle


-Cord Length

-Attachments fall off

-Dust bin durability


BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum

The vacuum engineers at BISSELL certainly had hardwood floors in mind when they created this great, versatile bagless vacuum. With rubber wheels and felt threads you don’t have to worry about this BISSELL scratching up your floors. Who doesn’t want an automatic rewind and a vacuum that’s versatile enough to hit those curtains and carpets too.

Although the initial suction of the Hard Floor Expert wow its owners, this model sometimes loses its suction quickly, and has an issue with the extension wand staying on. The dirt canister often fills quickly, but only because this vacuum works so well that at sucking up any loose dirt and dust.

Take away a couple of missing extras like a HEPA filter and a larger canister, and you still have an excellent hardwood vac, with great suction and easy storage in the BISSEL Hard Floor Expert Bagless model. So many people refuse to vacuum their wood floors in fear of scratching them up, and now you need not fear as this versatile vac will keep your floors free of dirt and scratches.


-Rubber wheels and felt threads don’t scratch

-Automatic rewind

-Versatility for curtains and carpets


-No HEPA or washable filter

-Small dirt canister

-Extension wand falls off

-Sometimes loses suction

BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

This BISSELL truly lives up to it’s name as a hard floor expert, as it keeps floors spotless and free of scratches. With it’s hard floor turbine foot, this vac picks up anything from dirt to pet hair and provides superior suction with its cyclonic technology. An automatic cord rewind plus a telescoping handle make this cylinder vac a great choice for those of you with hardwood floors.

You may need to be a bit creative when storing this particular vac, and unlike many of the other models in its class it doesn’t feature a HEPA filter. Yet for these two small drawbacks you still get excellent performance on hardwood floors, plus plenty of great attachments to give you the versatility you need to reach those hiding bits of dirt and dust.

Sure you’ll have a slightly higher price tag on this model; however once you experience the superior technology of this cylinder vac you’ll never go back to an older model, or dare I say it, a broom.


-Automatic rewind for cord

-Hard floor turbine foot protects floors and picks up everything

-Metal telescoping wand allows for comfortable mobility

-Attachments go right on the vac


-Not easy to store

-No HEPA filter

BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Another BISSELL and another great choice for a hard floor canister vac. With the Hard Floor Expert Deluxe, BISSELL has created a vacuum that’s very easy to use with its telescoping wand and retractable cord. Combine that with a canister that’s easily emptied and non-marking wheels and you’ve got the perfect tool for keeping those hardwood floors spotless.

There isn’t room on the canister for the attachments, yet this vacuum works so well with it’s normal head for hardwood floors that you often won’t need to use the add ons. The cord could also be longer, but isn’t that why extension cords were created?

We could be super nit picky here, and no vacuum cleaner is perfect; however, this BISSELL has everything that you’ll need for cleaning your hardwood floors and more. With the BISSELL 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe you’ll easily be able to take on any dirt, dust or pet hair that stands between you and pristine hardwood floors.


-Non-marking wheels and felt threads

-Automatic cord rewind

-Easy to empty tank

-High and low power settings


-Cord could be longer

-No room for attachments on the canister

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

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Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Vaccum Cleaner

This Shark rocket propels its owners into the future of the vacuum cleaner industry. Although it looks like the warped child of a stick vac and leaf blower the Shark HV302 Rocket is truly the dream vacuum cleaner for hard floors and light carpets. It’s lightweight with a long cord, and provides a floor to ceiling reach.

With its swivel steering and flexible settings (gentle for bare floors, and deep clean for carpets) there’s no surface that’s out of this Shark’s reach. Owner’s love the wall mount for storage, and with a dust cup that empties easily this vac checks all the boxes making it a premium cleaning machine.

Of course it could have a larger canister, yet keep in mind that this model should be primarily used for hard floors, area rugs, furniture and curtains. Some users run into reliability issues when they use this vacuum on their heavy rugs, so take caution not to repeat their mistakes. It seems that this model works so well on hard floors that people often use it for their heavy carpets as well, leading to drops in performance. Keep it off the heavy carpets, and your shark will thank you many times over.

People also don’t like that this top heavy shark can’t be left standing upright, but with all of the great benefits, one drawback doesn’t ruin the beauty here. Simply lay the unit down on the floor or hang it on the wall mount if you need to stop in the middle of your cleanup. For the versatility, ease of use and power this one’s a no brainer as a top vacuum choice for hardwood floors.


-Comfortable grip

-Wall mount possibility

-Easy to empty cup

-Floor to ceiling cleaning plus swivel steering

-Gentle setting for bare floor, and deep clean for carpets

-Ultra lightweight


-Top heavy, doesn’t stand up on its own

-Canister needs constant emptying

-Reliability concerns with overuse

Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This German-engineered beauty brings everything that you’d want in a hardwood floor vac: soft rubber wheels, great suction and no roller that gets covered in hair. With a HEPA filter and advanced filter bags this canister vacuum proves an excellent option for those hardwood and tile floors.

The head scratcher with this vacuum has to be that they only send you one bag with the unit, so be prepared for that and order extras right away. The Soniclean Bare Floor model also comes standard with a telescoping wand; however, it could still be longer for the taller users out there. And don’t let your eyes jump out of your head here when you see the price. You’re paying for a premium product that will give you excellent performance and is built to last.

Overall this Soniclean model is a great choice for those of you looking for a powerful, bagged vacuum to keep those hard surfaced floors spotless. With no dust cup and no roller that’s slowed down by long hair, this vacuum makes cleaning hardwood floors effortless.


-HEPA filter and filtered bags

-Soft rubber wheels

-No roller so no change of hair getting wrapped around it


-Only comes with one bag

-Wand could be longer


Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

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Miele S2121 Delphi Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Those German engineers certainly know what they’re doing, and the Miele S2121 proves just that. With six-stage suction control and a telescoping wand that allows you to reach those tough spots, this is the versatile hard-floor vac you’ve been waiting for. The Delphi comes standard with a 360 degree rotating head and sealed filter bags that making vacuuming your home a much easier chore.

Be prepared to pay for all of this comfort and performance as the unit itself and the filtered bags carry a hefty price tag (know that you can find less expensive alternative replacement filters and bags online). The drawbacks from this particular model have got to be the shorter cord and the cheaply made plastic accessories. A HEPA filter doesn’t come standard, but can easily be purchased separately and attached.

Sure this Miele Delphi model isn’t perfect; however, with vacuum cleaners there’s no such thing. The premium price tag makes sense once you experience the amazing performance and comfort of the Miele S2121. Making the investment now means clean floors throughout your home for years to come.


-Six stage suction control

-Telescoping wand

-Sealed filter bags

-360 Degree rotating head


-Very Expensive

-Replacement bags also expensive

-No HEPA filter standard (can easily be installed)

-Cheaply made accessories