What are the Most important Features of Canister Vacuums?

Canister Vacuums Features

Features Of Canister VacuumsCanister vacuums are among the most versatile vacuums in the world. Since their nozzle heads are independently connected to the vacuum’s canister by a hose, maneuverability and ease of use is achieved with ease. In addition to this, most of them are compact and lightweight for easier portability and storage. There are quite a number of features one should consider before purchasing a canister vacuum, and most users are not really aware of most of them.

Are you one of those users? What are some of the factors that you are careful about when investing in a canister vacuum? Most of us look at the color, design and popularity of their brand. While our choices may look good, concentrating solely on these factors may greatly compromise the quality of the canister vacuum we choose. Below are the most important features of canister vacuums that should be considered before investing in one.

The Most important Features of Canister Vacuums

  • Filtration system

A good vacuum cleaner is one that ensures the whole of your house, including the atmosphere is kept hygienic. For the air you breathe to remain clean, a good filtration system that purifies the air from airborne dirt and dust particles and also allergens is a must-have. A good vacuum should have a vacuum bag/container filter, a chamber filter and an exhaust filter. There are quite a number of filters available in the market and your choice depends on your preferences.

  • Suction power

Suction power is one feature that is responsible for the effectiveness of your vacuum in getting rid of dirt. The higher the suction, the better the cleaning. Since suction mainly depends on the power of the vacuum cleaner’s motor, you need to find one that is rated at approximately 10 Amps. Adjustability of suction should also be a factor to consider thus you should find a canister vacuum with convenient suction controls.

  • Portability features

A canister vacuum is known for its great portability that does not compromise its power. To get the best out of this feature, you need to consider looking at additional portability features. These include compactness, light weight and canister wheels among others. The wheels should be friendly to the floor preventing them from scratching the floors.

  • Weight

The weight of the canister vacuum is among the most important factors to consider when investing in a canister vacuum. This is because canister vacuums are mainly meant to have a wider reach hence should be really portable. For instance, if your house has stairs, you should consider choosing a very light canister vacuum for easier maneuverability and portability up and down the stairs.

  • Brushroll type

Depending on the kind of surface to be cleaned, there are different brushroll types that come with your canister vacuum. The more delicate the surface gets, the gentler the bristles of the brushroll should be. If the surfaces to be cleaned are prone to large amounts of dirt and pet hairs, then you should consider finding a canister vacuum with an electrically powered brushroll. For lighter vacuuming tasks, an air powered brushroll works great.

  • Length of power cord

The length of the canister vacuum’s power cord determines how wide your cleaning can get. It is advisable to choose vacuums with longer power cords to prevent over-dependence on power outlets and to increase your cleaning radius. This also applies to the hose. The canister vacuum cleaner’s hose should be long enough for easier reach to far areas and areas above the floor.

Recommend Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum
BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

With the convenience of having no dirt bag, this canister vacuum makes cleaning of the house so easy. Its Cyclonic action, coupled by a powerful suction ensures that any surface it passes across is thoroughly cleaned. Its Multi-Surface Cleaning feature makes transition from carpets to bare floors so smooth, simply by flipping a switch.

For maximum air filtration, this BISSELL vacuum is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system that comprises of dirt cup filters and a post-motor filter which are re-usable and washable. Also included are an easy-empty dirt cup, a combination dusting brush/crevice tool, an air flow regulator and an automatic cord rewind feature. The Zing is definitely the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best canister vacuum.


Canister vacuums are incredible choices for people looking for both power and portability. They work great on stairs and large areas. By considering the above features before purchasing one you will surely get the best out of your canister vacuum cleaner.

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