What are the Most important Features of Upright Vacuums?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners Features

Features of Upright Vacuum CleanersUpright vacuum cleaners are the most loved cleaning appliances by most home owners. With them, you do not have to keep bargaining on power as they are specifically designed to perform the toughest cleaning jobs. Unfortunately for most of us, choosing the best upright vacuums from the countess brands in the market is not only a challenge, but also really confusing. Most of us may not really know what features to look for in an upright vacuum cleaner.

So, what do you look for when purchasing an upright vacuum? Is it merely the popularity of the brand or the beauty of its design. Do you pick one as per your friend’s recommendation? Is it the rating that gets you attracted to a particular vacuum? Well, all this is not wrong, but you need to understand that the choice of your vacuum should be based mainly on it providing the best solution to your varied cleaning needs. Below are the most important features and factors to consider before making this lifetime investment.

The Most Important Features of Upright Vacuums

  • Motor power

Most home owners purchase upright vacuum cleaners with the expectation that it will be the one used to clean the largest part of the house, being the floor. The floor is among the areas that collect most of the dirt within the house and for this reason, power is of great importance. The motor power greatly affects the suction power of the machine and the suction power is the one that determines the strength and toughness of the cleaning job that your vacuum can perform. You should look for an upright vacuum that has a motor power rating of approximately 10 Amps.

  • The size and weight

These two factors are great determinants of the vacuum cleaner’s portability. The smaller the size and weight, the more portable it will be. Though, you shouldn’t overlook other factors just to get a smaller and lightweight vacuum. Rather, you have to ensure that all the other features are excellent and choose a weight and size that you can handle with ease.

  • Filtration system

A vacuum cleaner’s filtration system is the feature that ensures the air is kept clean even as you clean. There are vacuums that have multiple filtration systems and these may actually be of great benefit to you. There are different kinds of filters including the HEPA filters, washable filters, paper filters and carbon filters among others you can choose from depending on your needs.

  • The Length of the Power cord

As much as this may seem petty, a short power cord limits your movement during vacuuming. Longer power cords on the other hand ensure that your cleaning radius is wider and that you do not have to keep plugging and unplugging it as you move around.

  • The Length of the Hose

Just like the power cord, the hose also determines the area you are able to clean. A longer hose makes it possible to clean larger areas when extended. It also makes it possible to effectively clean areas above the floors such as furniture, walls and drapery.

  • The Attachments

The best upright vacuum cleaner is one that is versatile enough to clean a wider variety of areas excellently. This can only be achieved with additional attachments and accessories for different surface types. Some of the best attachments that you need to look out for include the crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and others. In addition to this, your vacuum could have different attachments to its nozzle for easier transitioning from one kind of surface to the other. Extension wands are also a great additional feature as they make reach of higher areas such as ceilings, fans, baseboards and other areas above the floor easier.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendation

Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional UprightThe Shark Navigator NV356E is the Number 1 best seller on Amazon and with the features it possesses, it definitely is a record breaker. This upright vacuum cleaner features the Never Loses Suction technology that keeps its suction power at optimal levels at any given time. It is lightweight and has an easy-to-empty canister with a large capacity. This vacuum is equipped with the Anti-Allergen complete seal technology that keeps all the dirt and debris intact within the canister and also a HEPA filter that keeps the atmosphere pure.

It comes with the Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment for bare floors and 1 microfiber pad for wiping of surfaces as you vacuum. This vacuum is easy to use as it comes with a swivel steering feature which makes maneuverability even around obstacles a cinch. The Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional is definitely the best vacuum for any home owner.


A high quality upright vacuum can mean a big difference between a struggle and a joy during cleaning. With the above features, you are able to enjoy every bit of your cleaning experience. These features also make your upright vacuum versatile, making it possible to clean both the floors and areas above the floors.

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