Hoover Commercial C2401 Pro Backpack Vacuum Comprehensive Review

Hoover Commercial C2401 Review

Hoover Commercial C2401Vacuum cleaners are some of the world’s greatest inventions. It is actually one of the very few machines that have managed to turn the hard house cleaning chores into fun, and it deserves an award for that. When it comes to larger commercial spaces, there is need for a more heavy duty vacuum cleaner given the more traffic these areas experience, which translates to more dirt load and tougher stains.

It therefore goes without saying that choosing of a commercial vacuum cleaner should be done carefully as the machine used is what will determine your vacuuming results. The Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum bears all that you would ever need from a commercial vacuum and its incredible features are reviewed below.


Specifications & Features of Hoover Commercial C2401

  1. Features a Hypercone Filter

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to deal with larger amounts of dirt, and if a regular filtration system is used for it, it becomes prone to blockages and even permanent damage. The Hoover C2401 Commercial Vacuum is equipped with a hypercone filter that is made with HEPA media for optimal filtration of the air as you clean. This cartridge filter ensures consistent air flow is kept thus preventing loss of suction throughout your cleaning chores.

  1. Has a Chiropractor Designed Harness

The Hoover C2401 is not just a regular backpack vacuum cleaner and as much as it would still have been secure and easy to use even if it were just a regular one, it comes equipped with a chiropractor designed harness that makes it practically the safest and most secure vacuum cleaner. This harness is designed to reduce strain even as the vacuum cleaner is weighed down with dirt. This helps increase portability of the vacuum, making your whole cleaning tasks a piece of cake.

  1. 48-Inch Long Power Cord

Being a corded vacuum, the Hoover C2401 has an extra-long power cord that allows you to switch power outlets less often even when cleaning larger areas. This makes it so convenient. This quick change cord is easier to plug and unplug from electricity sockets and it is designed with a lower risk to electric shorting given its 3-wired design. Since it is long enough, your vacuuming radius is greatly increased to 48 inches which is quite uncommon for most vacuum cleaners.

  1. Weight: 9.2 Pounds

Most commercial vacuum cleaners are usually very heavy, with the highest percentage rolling on wheels. This commercial vacuum weighs a mere 9.2 Pounds which is too light for a commercial vacuum cleaner. This helps in making this vacuum easier to maneuver as you clean from one room to another. It also reduces fatigue, and even better is the fact that it compactly holds dirt without becoming too heavy for your shoulders to hold.

  1. Features a Cleaning Accessory Pack

To get the most out of this Hoover vacuum’s detained cleaning, it comes with an easily accessible cleaning accessory pack. This pack contains a 52-Inch Aluminum wand with a button lock, a 17-Inch crevice tool, a 14-Inch floor tool, a 14-Inch all purpose floor tools, a 2.5-Inch dusting brush, a 5-Inch upholstery tool and an adapter. These accessories are more than enough to perfectly clean each and every section of your room, office or commercial premises with little effort.

  1. Features a Positive Lock Hose

Among its several cleaning accessories, there is a positive lock hose that is designed to connect to the vacuum’s cartridge filter securely throughout its use. This ensures that all the air that contains dirt gets into the dirt container through the filter and out of the vacuum ensuring that no dirt ends up in the air or back on the floor. This also keeps air flow constant thus no loss of suction even when the dirt container starts filling up. Its clear dome, shakeout cloth liner traps any debris thus easier to inspect them.

  1. Noise Level: 66 dB

The Hoover C2401 has the quietest operation for a commercial vacuum at only 66 dB. This way, your kids and pets wont be scared as you cleaner, neither will your surrounding environment be disrupted. Its quiet operation shouldn’t make you think that it doesn’t work great as it sure is quick and effective at performing tough vacuum cleaning chores.


  • Lightweight

This Hoover commercial vacuum cleaner weighs only 9.2 Pounds which is too light to be a commercial vacuum. It can actually be carried by anyone as its weight even as it fills up is greatly managed by its ergonomically designed dirt container.

  • It features HEPA filtration

This vacuum cleaner features a HEPA hypercone cartridge filter that keeps the air free from even the finest powder and gets rid of allergens. It is a great choice for people with allergies and asthma as it gets rid of all the triggers to these conditions and keeps the air pure and clean.

  • Large dirt container

This vacuum cleaner is a commercial vacuum cleaner due to the fact that it has a large dirt container capacity. It can actually hold up to 6.4 Quarts of dirt which is more than most other commercial vacuum cleaners. The irony is that this does not really compromise its light weight.

  • Versatile

This vacuum cleaner comes with multiple cleaning accessories including the crevice tool, dusting brush, turbo floor tool and the upholstery tool just to name a few. These tools are greatly important in ensuring that this vacuum can clean various areas of the room or office or commercial premises, thus making it the most versatile commercial vacuum ever.

  • Long power cord

With its 48-Inch power cord, this vacuum cleaner is much more maneuverable as compared to other vacuums. It reduces the number f times you will have to plug and unplug it from one power socket to another as you clean, thus saving on effort and time. Its extra-long power cord ensures that your cleaning radius is wider than what most other commercial vacuum cleaners could offer.

  • Its backpack design

Wearing this vacuum cleaner as a backpack greatly reduces the strain put on your body as you clean. As a matter of fact, it makes maneuverability and portability a lot easier, thus easier cleaning around furniture and even in hard to reach areas.

  • Ergonomically designed straps

This vacuum cleaner is designed with padded shoulder straps and a harness that is chiropractor recommended. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and will not dig into your shoulders as the vacuum starts filling up with dirt. The harness is really wide and goes around your waist for more secure fastening of the vacuum cleaner on your back. All these make this backpack vacuum safer for your back, shoulders and your body as a whole.


  • Produces some heat during use

Just like most other machines, it is normal for this vacuum cleaner to get warm after vacuuming for a while. Being a backpack vacuum, it could be quite uncomfortable for most people especially during the summer. To solve this, you could take breaks between your vacuuming chores to allow it to cool off for a while before embarking on vacuuming.

  • Not great with pet hairs

As much as this vacuum cleaner does a great job with shorter pet hairs, when you have a pet that sheds long hairs or a lot of fur, then it may not be your perfect pick. It is known to clog the brush attachment if the hairs and too many or too long. You could try cleaning lesser pet hair messes at a time to help prevent it from clogging.

Customer reviews and scores

The Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum cleaner has a user rating of more than 4.3 stars out of a total of 5 stars, which translates to an excellent score given the fact that it has been bought and used by at least 232 customers on Amazon. It costs a little over $$$ on Amazon which is very affordable for a commercial vacuum cleaner with such great features. Its users specifically love the versatile cleaning accessories it comes with. These accessories are so great for all kinds of floors and surfaces, and has specifically received so much praise from home owners with hardwood floors.


Having a commercial vacuum cleaner that considers both the hygiene and safety of the surfaces being cleaned as well as the users is such a great fortune. The Hoover C2401 Commercial Vacuum is the perfect vacuum if this is the kind of volume you want for your home or commercial premises. Given the fact that it is meant for heavy duty cleaning jobs, its effectiveness and versatility when it comes to cleaning is to say the least, amazing. To add on all that, this vacuum cleaner is very affordable and can be bought from Amazon.

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