Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC

Hoover Garage Utility Vac, FH40160PC

Hoover FloorMate DeluxeCleaning has never been easier and more fun than it is these days. With things like vacuum machines and floor cleaners, many people are now more excited to get organized and do a little bit of housekeeping in their homes on a regular basis. Despite the market being full of all sorts of brands and models of cleaners, the wrong choice could leave you more frustrated than you would be cleaning manually.

One of the best floor cleaners in the market is the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe hard floor cleaner, FH40160PC. This machine has some of the greatest features found in automatic floor cleaners including latest technology in spin-scrubbing as well as the sleek design.

Main Features

This vacuum has some pretty cool features. Below are five of the most unique and useful features of the cleaner.

  • Spinscrub Cleaning Technology Used

This amazing new technology allows the machine to literally attack the floor from all angles. This means that whatever the stain is and wherever the dirt hides the hard floor cleaner will get it out leaving your floor at the very least spotless. This makes it ideal for almost all types of flooring material from wood to ceramic tiles. Despite being so thorough, the brushes do not in any way damage or leave marks on the floor.

  • Double Tanks

This is a very unique and super useful feature of this hard floor cleaner. Having two tanks is very important as it helps to separate clean water from dirty water. This means that you’re the water used to clean is not that used to rinse.

You can therefore rest assured that your floor will not be left with soap streaks or dirt particles after you are done cleaning. The tanks each hold 48 oz. which is a lot for a machine that small. It helps to save time as you can clean a lot of floor space with one tank filling.

  • Adjustable And Removable Nozzle

There is a nozzle for soap and one for clean water that release each individually during cleaning. It has a width of 11.5 inches. This is smaller than that of other models but is actually an advantage. First of all, a smaller nozzle helps to reduce the amount of water of soap that is used which helps you save on extra unnecessary costs.

It is also a great thing because it increases the pressure with which the two are released promoting stain removal from the floor. The fact that it is removable is also a great thing as it helps make cleaning a whole lot easier and prevents chances of clogging.

  • Different Modes

There are two main modes on the floor cleaner. These are the wash and the dry mode. You can easily switch between either using the control buttons on the handle. The wash mode activates the brushes where the floor is sprayed with soap and water and scrubbed continuously. In the dry mode, the scrubs are deactivated and the suction mechanism kicks in where water is literally sucked back into the dirty water tank. This is great as it eliminates time wastage waiting for the floor to dry on its own.

  • Dimensions Of The Cleaner

The machine’s measurements are thirteen inches length by twelve inches width by forty four inches height. This means that it occupies very little storage space making it super convenient even when not in use. The dimensions also make it easy to maneuver and control. It weighs 13.8 pounds and though this is heavy it is actually lighter than most other models in the market. Finally it has a cord that is twenty feet long.


  • It has a high tank capacity. This is a great thing compared to other models where you might be forced to keep refilling to ensure that you have clean water.
  • It is very efficient in cleaning floors whether or not they have sticky stains. This is because of the nozzle width and the scrubbing mechanism. So whether you use it on dusty wood floors or sticky ceramic ones you are sure to get the best results.
  • The brushes are gentle on the floor. This means that they will not cause any scratches or leave marks during the thorough cleaning process.
  • It is not very noisy. The Spinscrub technology uses motors and mechanisms that are completely noiseless. The fact that it doesn’t have a vacuum incorporated into the design also contributes greatly to the noiselessness.
  • It is easy to use. The control buttons are all clearly labeled and easy to understand. These command buttons are also conveniently located on the handle making it easy for you to switch between different modes.
  • It is easy to clean after use as most of the parts are detachable. The nozzle, the tanks, the scrub plate and the conduit pipes can be removed for cleaning which makes the process a whole lot easier and more convenient than cleaning the entire machine as a single unit.
  • It is easy to maneuver through tight spots and low areas such as under a bed or the couch. This is due to the dimensions and the flexibility of the shaft. It allows you to clean under surfaces without any struggle.

Customer Reviews And Scores

According to most people who have had the chance to use the hard floor cleaner, it is a fairly good product.It has received an average out rating of above 4 points which makes it one of the very best hard floor cleaners in the market. This can be attributes to its great features, the many pros and the fixable cons.


  • The cord is only twenty feet long. This might be ok for small rooms but is a major disadvantage in larger ones. You might be forced to unplug and replug as you make your way through the room. This problem can also be solved by using extension cables.
  • This vacuum is a little heavier that other models. This makes it slightly more difficult to carry while in use or when taking to storage. This is, however, not that much of an issue as the machine has wheels you can use to push it around instead of lifting it to carry around.


Considering all the great features of the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe hard floor cleaner FH40160PC, it is without doubt a great feature. With an adjustable nozzle to control the water and soap and great scrubbers to scrub and dry, you are sure to have a sparkling clean floor every single time you use the machine.

The product is also durable very easy to maintain ensuring that you will have it around for a very long time. It is ideal for basically any space that needs cleaning including homes, restaurants, office buildings and schools. So whether you want to upgrade from a mop and bucket or you wish to replace an outdated hard floor cleaner, there is no doubt that it is a worthy investment.

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