How Many Times Should You Vacuum Your Home in a Week?


The invention of the vacuum cleaner has come as a great blessing for each and every home owner around the world. Not only has it allowed us to stay in a perfectly clean environment but has also made house cleaning chores a lot easier and less cumbersome. Nowadays, all you need is to pull out your vacuum and drive it around the house like you used to do with your toys as a kid. But even with this, we still have tight schedules, trying to balance family and work and it is quite easy to forget to vacuum.

So, the main question asked by most home owners is how often you should vacuum your home. It is usually recommended that we vacuum our homes at least once a week. For high traffic areas and homes with more inhabitants, this should increase to at least twice a week. When it comes to carpeted floors, more vacuuming should be done, at least three times a week. Proper care that involves frequent vacuuming of your house helps keep floors and other surfaces clean, long-lasting and helps them retain their shine.

Why Should You Vacuum Your Home in a Week at Least One Time?

Vacuum Your Home In A Week

To keep the house hygienic

Vacuuming once a week helps you get rid of even the tiniest dirt particles from the house. This practice ensures that dirt does not pile up to levels where it becomes hard to clean within a single session. Cleaning at least once a week ensures that you get rid of the dirt that may have piled up within the few days in a short time and also prevents dirt from drying in and turning into permanent stains.

To get rid of bacteria and allergens

Dirt provides the best habitat for bacteria, viruses and other allergens. A home that is not cleaned frequently usually attracts large amounts of these, which may cause illnesses. This is especially if you have kids as they are more exposed to these. Frequently vacuuming also helps get rid of allergens that may spark allergic reactions such as asthma and also infections such as flu and skin rashes.

To get rid of dust mites and bed bugs

Frequently vacuuming your home does not allow for dust mites, moths and bed bugs to accumulate to a level where they are not manageable. In fact, vacuuming sucks up even the tiniest eggs hence preventing them from hatching inside the house. This in turn prevents the home owner from suffering the effects of having such insects within their home.

To get rid of dangerous chemicals

Any house is prone to small levels of dangerous chemical substances. For instance, houses with smokers have a higher probability of carcinogenic substances being found on their surfaces. Even when carpets, tiles and other household items are new, there could be a percentage of chemicals that may be dangerous to the body. It is advisable to vacuum at least once a week as you are able to get rid of such substances regularly hence keeping your health in check.

To minimize costs of hiring professional cleaners

Whenever dirt and debris accumulates to non-manageable levels, the home owner will be required to seek the services of professional cleaners. By vacuuming your home at least once a week, you will be able to prevent such kind of dirt accumulation, in turn minimizing the cost of professional cleaning.

In this modern age, every home owner is preoccupied with so much business and may not find enough time to keep their homes spotless. Though, it is completely possible to create time within your busy schedule for a vacuuming session. It doesn’t have to take a whole day. With proper planning, just a few hours will be enough. Focus on areas that collect a lot of dirt such as under furniture and in high traffic areas. Doing this will benefit your house and your health in the most unimaginable ways.

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