10 Most Likely Places You’re Forgetting to Vacuum in Your Home

10 places forgetting to vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are among the most versatile cleaning appliances that are truly a blessing as they help ease the cleaning process without compromising the quality of cleaning. Unfortunately, not all your work is left to the vacuum, as you need to identify exactly where to clean using them.

This has led to so many parts of the house being ignored and left to collect all the dirt that has been accumulated. It isn’t your fault though; simply cleaning the floors is hard enough, let alone these other areas that are hidden from your sight.

Here, we list the 10 most likely places you’re forgetting to vacuum so you do not forget to clean the next time you are vacuuming your house.

Places You're Forgetting To Vacuum

1. Under your Furniture

Due to limiting factors such as time and manpower, most of us have the tendency to just vacuum around furniture. This is true especially for beds and couches as they do not provide enough space for the vacuum cleaner to side under them.

With time, the floor or carpet starts accumulating dirt and dust and you may actually never discover this since these are the areas where you will be spending most of your time, you should thoroughly clean under them as they could be prime locations for allergic attacks. To make cleaning easier and faster, avoid storing items such as shoes under your furniture so as to make way for your vacuum and other attachments.

2. Under Area Rugs

For most people, cleaning under the area rug is an out of sight, out of mind experience. Though, this does not mean that these areas magically clean themselves. As time goes by, a lot of dust may find its way under these. No matter how large your rug is, it is advisable that once in a while they be removed and thoroughly vacuumed or washed on both sides.

For smaller rugs, shaking them to get rid of the dust they may be harboring as you vacuum is always a genius idea. Area rugs are known to hold on to dust and probably dust mites if not cleaned well and may spark allergic reactions.

3. Behind and Under Electrical Appliances

Electrical equipment such as DVD players, fridges and televisions produce a lot of static and heat that attract dust. Trying to move them so as to can clean under them or behind them is usually close to impossible, with some of them too heavy or too big to move. For this reason, these areas collect a lot of dirt, especially where your cords are hidden from view.

Since it is practically impossible for a full-sized vacuum to get into these spaces, finding a good attachment such as the crevice tool or brushes will help a great deal. A good handheld vacuum or stick vacuum with a thinner and longer nozzle could also do.

4. Mattresses and Pillows

Since most of us have our pillow covers and bed sheets cleaned regularly, we tend to ignore the fact that the pillow or mattress itself could harbor dirt, dust and other allergens. These two are primarily stationary and may accumulate a lot of dirt over time.

This is especially the case with mattresses as they are known to accumulate dust from underneath the bed. It is advisable to flip your mattress and pillows and vacuum them with the lowest suction level every few months to ensure they are free from dust and allergens.

5. Under and Between Couch Cushions

As much as it is tradition to have your vacuum cover the top of the cushions, most of us usually forget to vacuum the areas under and between the cushions. Since the couch is basically where you spend all your free time, it is obvious for dirt to find its way under the couch cushions.

When vacuuming your house, it is important to flip the cushions and use the upholstery tool to clean on top, under and sides of the cushions. For hard to reach areas and crevices under the cushions, you can make use of the crevice tool.

6. AC Vents and Heating Ducts

Air conditioning vents and heating ducts are usually responsible for the flow of air around your house. For this reason, they tend to attract dust and allergens, yet all these may go unnoticed. It is extremely essential for these places to be vacuumed from time to time using the soft brush tool with bristles. This will help prevent your air conditioners and heating ducts from blowing dust throughout your home.

7. Speakers

Speakers usually generate a lot of static and heat, and these two attract a lot of dirt. This dirt sticks all over the speaker vents and should be gotten rid of before it spreads into the air. Gently vacuuming your speakers using a soft brush attachment will help remove all the dirt, making your living space hygienic. It also prevents the dust from destroying your speaker.

8. Window Sills and Blinds

Window sills and blinds protect your home from entry of dust, pollen, dirt and debris from the outdoors. This makes them to accumulate a lot of dirt over time, making them sources of allergens. You can run your vacuum cleaner’s soft brush tool over those sills and blinds to pick up all the dust and dirt.

9. Ceiling Fans and Vents

Ceiling fans and vents are often out of reach for most people, especially if you do not have the right kinds of attachments. Since these are in constant rotation and may easily spread the dirt into the air, it is of great importance to have them cleaned. Using your long soft brush attachments, you can easily clean the ceiling vents and fans.

10. Bathroom and Kitchen Drawers

Bathroom and kitchen drawers are usually placed considerably high and reaching them during cleaning is usually quite a struggle, making most people to ignore vacuuming them. Since these areas store useful supplies such as kitchen ingredients and cleaning supplies, they have to be kept hygienic. Using a supply of tools such as the attachment hoses, crevice tools and brushes, it is very easy to get these areas cleaned.

The areas above are some of the areas you will most probably find dirt when you visit any house. It is important to vacuum them frequently to prevent accumulation of dirt hence making your home hygienic and safe.

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