The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair 2017

best vacuum for pet hair

Those of you with pets have likely stressed and struggled with the chore of cleaning up your pet’s hair. This clean up can be extremely annoying as pet hair often finds its way into every small space around the house, and often sticks to carpets and fabric more than your average dust. Besides the fact that excess pet hair makes one’s home appear unclean, pet hair also brings with it a number of allergens that must be removed from your home.

For all of these reasons it’s very important for all pet owners to find the best vacuum for pet hair removal. There are a number of different options and it’s important to weigh all of the factors and features of these devices in order to make a sound purchase and give you peace of mind. Put those grueling hours of cleanup behind you!

Long vs. Short Haired Pets: While some pet hair vacuum cleaners are great for all types of hair, other models can struggle when dealing with lots of longer pet hair. It’s important to consider your pet’s size, hair length and how much they shed when choosing the appropriate pet hair vacuum cleaner.

If you have multiple larger dogs in your home that shed often, you’ll likely need one of the more premium pet hair models, whereas if you just have a cat or two, one of the simpler and smaller models will be just fine for you. Overloading a smaller model with too much hair could lead to premature breakdowns, more time emptying small dust bins and unclogging hoses that weren’t designed for so much hair.

HEPA vs Non-HEPA Filters: While HEPA filters should come standard with any true pet hair vacuum, some models have left these filters out, usually in an effort to cut costs. Owners without pet allergies don’t mind this, as they aren’t bothered by the allergens left by their pet’s hair.

If you’re one of these people, it’s important to consider your future guests, as many people these days have allergies to pet hair, and you don’t want to dissuade friends and family members from visiting. Consider those close to you and think about the long-term benefits of a HEPA filter for your pet hair vacuum.

Accessories and Crevice Tools: Most pet owners love to spoil their critters and treat them like family members, and this often means letting animals onto couches and into beds. For these specific areas accessories such as extension wands and crevice tools become very important. Check to see if your desired model comes standard with these accessories that will help you reach all of those tough spots where pet hair likes to hide.

Durability: Pet hair can be a lot heavier and more difficult to pick up compared to your average dust. These heavier clumps of pet hair debris can wreak havoc on a weakly made vacuum cleaner, so make sure to go for a unit with a great track record for durability and an iron clad warranty. The last thing you want is to replace your vacuum cleaner every six months because it can’t hold up to all of the pet hair in your vacuum for pet hair

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Reviews 2017

Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson has been a major player in the vacuum cleaner industry for a number of years, and they didn’t disappoint with the DC65 Animal.This model is slightly lighter in weight than its predecessor, the DC 41 and offers far better suction.

Customers with large dogs with long hair rave that this vacuum truly stands the test and gets the job done. This model is perfect for people who need a versatile vacuum for a large space and for people who have large dogs that shed a lot.

Although many of the users rave about the DC 65 Animal, it presents a couple of drawbacks, most notably the cost. Users have also complained about a design flaw that prevents the vacuum cleaner from always standing in its upright position, as it sometimes becomes unhooked. There have also been inconsistent reviews regarding hardwood floors, and the effectiveness on hard wood may be related to the amount of dust and hair already in the cylinder.

No vacuum cleaner is perfect, yet the overwhelming majority of Dyson DC65 owners love their vacuum cleaner and say that it’s well worth the cost.


-Great suction and maneuverability

-Cord Length

-5 year warranty on all parts when buying from a licensed reseller


-Weight (17 lbs) for some people

-Design flaw while standing upright


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum

No filter and no bag, wait what? No, your eyes aren’t fooling you, not with this vac. Dyson has done it again by this time revolutionizing vacuum technology with its Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum. This entire vacuum is HEPA certified without a dusty filter that you have to clean. After using this vacuum the one thing that shocks is the amount of dust that was sitting on your floor and carpet until you used this Dyson.

The amazing suction and revolutionary technology make this model stand out, yet you can’t ignore the very high cost of Dysons. In addition this particular model is heavy and proves difficult to maneuver and reach those tough, small spaces.

Expect great performance from this model, especially on carpet. It may be tough to move around, yet when you see your carpets looking cleaner than ever you’ll be thankful you went with a Dyson.


-No filter cleanup ever

-System wide HEPA filter

-Amazing suction.[/column]

Shortcomings:-Very High Cost,


-Difficult to maneuver

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor

The BISSEL Poweredge vacuum cleaner for pet hair may be the best price and performance combination for a hard floor pet hair cleaner. Don’t be dissuaded by the appearance of this stick vacuum, as it packs a powerful suction, and it’s unique v-shape allows easily picks up both large and small dirt particles and pet hair clumps. The stick vacuum design allows the vacuum to naturally stand upright for easy storage, plus it only weighs 7 pounds!

Even though this pet hair vacuum cleaner comes with so many great benefits, it’s not necessarily the best fit for everyone who’s in the market for such a vacuum cleaner. The most notable drawback has to be that it’s only meant for hard floors and area rugs. HEPA filters often come with pet hair vacuum cleaners as they block almost 100% of all allergens, and unfortunately this vacuum cleaner does not feature a HEPA filter. Some users have also noted that the filter needs regular cleaning and clogs quickly. In addition there have been two inconsistent complaints, one about loudness and one about cord length. The cord is 20 feet in length, so for small spaces this vacuum could be a great fit.

For those of you looking for a powerful, hard wood vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and won’t break the bank then this is the one for you. Users are often shocked at the powerful suction that comes from this light and efficient stick vacuum cleaner. Not the fanciest hard floor vacuum cleaner for pet hair, but it certainly gets the job done.



-Unique v-shaped head good for small and large pieces of dirt

-Light weight 7 pounds

-Great suction

-Stands upright for easy storage

-No bristles makes for easy cleaning


-No HEPA filter

-Designer for hard floor, no good on carpets

-Very loud

-Filter clogs up somewhat quickly

-No hose, less versatility

BISSELL CleanView Complete Pet

When evaluating the BISSELL Cleanview Complete Pet the one things that stands out the most is the cost compared to other models of this size. For the lower price you get all of the basic features of a pet hair vacuum, and a couple of nice accessories. Customers love the hand attachment, giving you more versatility than a stick vacuum. Weight is average at 18 pounds for a vacuum cleaner of this size, and although the cord is a bit short at 27ft, it’s retractable, allowing for quick and easy cleanup.

Like some of the other BISSELL models, the Cleanview Complete Pet does not come with a HEPA filter, meaning that it will not absorb all of the allergens. This is also not the most comfortable vacuum cleaner to use, as some people have complained about a lack of maneuverability, specifically for getting under furniture. A few individuals have also complained about the ease of use on carpet, saying that the Cleanview Complete Pet is difficult to push and that it is not the best choice for long pet hair.

This particular model will get the job done on multiple surfaces (hardwood and carpet), but may not provide the smoothest and most efficient experience. With this particular model you’ll sacrifice comfort and efficiency for a better price, yet the large major of BISSELL Cleanview Complete Pet owners use it with little to no complaints.



-Automatic height adjustment

-Odor absorbing filter

-Retractable cord

-Great hand attachment

-Easy access to on/off switch


-No HEPA filter

-27 ft. cord length, shorter than average in this class

-Poor maneuverability for getting below furniture

-Foot adjustment is on the side not on the back

-Hard to push on carpet

-Not great for long haired pets

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet

Hoover has produced many great vacuum cleaners over the year, and the WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet’is not exception. Many owners of this vacuum did side-by-side tests with vacuums that cost three or four times as much, and they saw that the Hoover greatly outperformed its more expensive counterparts. For the cost and sheer suction power this is a great buy, especially since it comes with a HEPA filter that blocks nearly 100% of all allergens.

The Windtunnel 3 Pro Pet comes with a number of great accessories; however, you’ll find that you have to use the accessories for the most routine of tasks such as vacuuming corners. It almost feels like the accessories were created after the fact to make up for the design flaws. A number of users have also complained that this particular model quickly overheats. Furthermore, weight is a common complaint by users, who sometimes compare using this vacuum cleaner to a workout at the gym.

For the most part the Windtunnel 3 Pro pet is a powerful all around vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Even though it’s not the easiest vacuum cleaner to use, the weight plus the HEPA filter make it a great buy, as it has often outperformed some of the most expensive pet hair vacuum cleaners available.



-Great suction

-HEPA filter

-Wide range of accessories


-Not great on hardwood


-Tips when you use the hose

-Not good on corners, need to use the accessories

-Often overheats during us

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind

This particular Hoover model shocks many of its owners with its immediate effectiveness compared to other makes and models. Owners often say they can’t believe they have have a bagless vacuum cleaner that works so well and costs so little! The T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind brings your typical weight (17lbs.) and cord length (27 ft.) for vacuum’s in its class, plus it features a couple of very handy accessories that are specifically tailored for pet hair.

Although owners love this vacuum upon first time use the largest concern with this particular model has got to be the durability. A number of users have experienced difficulties with the suction in as little as six months. While many claim that they love this vacuum cleaner, the risk of it breaking down within one year of use presents a cause for concern.

In any case, the T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind performs exceptionally well when in full working order, and could be a great choice if you have a tight budget. Weigh the potential savings vs. the risk of potential mechanical problems with this one.



-Good initial suction

-Specific pet accessories

-Retractable cord, folding handle


-Losing suction after a short period of time

-Some stop working within a year

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet

Once again Hoover doesn’t disappoint with its WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet vacuum cleaner. This model features a HEPA filter that blocks nearly 100% of the allergens left by pet hair. It’s also well known for have excellent suction upon initial use, with everything at an affordable price.

Reliability should be your chief concern with this vacuum as a number of users notice that its functionality diminishes within a year of use. Some mention that the vacuum can often overheat and shuts off, plus the extra weight on this model (about 21 pounds) makes it harder to push. For a larger vacuum some would say that the cylinder is too small, and users sometimes complain about the difficulty of emptying said cylinder.

Once again, this vacuum is a great buy and features the HEPA filter; however, your initial savings could result in you looking for a new vacuum cleaner within the year. Tread carefully here, but know that most users are very happy with the WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet, for the low cost and high performance combination.


-Hepa Filter

-Good suction



-Needs a longer hose

-Overheats at times

-Heavy and hard to push

-Strenuous emptying Proces

Eureka Pet Lover

For those owners with a smaller living space and a manageable amount of pet hair, you’ve struck gold with the Eureka Pet lover. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it easy to store, and the 13 different levels of height adjustment make this vacuum cleaner versatile for users of all sizes. This model features a HEPA filter which blocks nearly 100% of all allergens, a must for pet hair vacuum cleaners. Most owners of the Eureka Pet lover report that the model works well for up to five years!

Even though this model brings some great features and benefits to the table, its limitations cannot be ignored. This model has obviously been created for smaller spaces, as it only features a 20 foot cord, and the dust canister can fill up quickly. Owners often complain about how often they need to clean the filter, and most mention that the pet hair often sticks to the filter and canister making for an annoying clean up process. This particular Eureka model may not be the best choice for those of you with larger living spaces and/or larger dogs that shed significantly.

The price of the Eureka Pet Lover is tough to beat, and it works exceptionally well for a small space without a significant amount of pet hair. Although this vacuum cleaner tends to last for a number of years, be aware that owners often complain about the cleanup process and design of the canister and filter. A great bargain for small spaces with small pets!



-HEPA filter

-Lots of height adjustment options



-Better for small spaces, limiting in that way

-Pet accessories don’t work as well as advertised

-Flawed design of the dirt canister, hair sticks to the filter making it difficult to clean

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover

Like many of the other Eureka models, the Mighty Mite Pet lover provides above average performance with a very low cost. This lightweight vac is very easy to move around the house, and the long hose means you’ll never have to bend over during your clean up. The Mighty Mite Pet lover also comes with a HEPA filter, which blocks nearly 100% of all allergens; a must for pet owners.

One cause for concern here could be the quality of the hose. It’s not made of the strongest material leading some to question the durability of this particular model. In addition, the unique design and long hose could prove for difficult storage if you are only working with very small closets.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect vacuum for the owner who’s looking for a lightweight vacuum with a long hose. Durability may be an issue; however for the HEPA filter, solid suction and light weight this is still a great buy for any pet owner.




-HEPA Filter


-Cheaply made hose, questions about longevity

-May be difficult to store

-20 ft. cord

Eureka AS2130A As One Pet

If you’re going to go for the Eureka AS2130A As One Pet make sure that you go for the Fuchsia Flight model, as it performs far better than its blue counterpart. The Fuchsia model features a 29 foot cord and still weighs under 10 lbs.! This vacuum cleaner embodies everything that Eureka is all about: lightweight and low cost yet very efficient and as always, an allergen blocking filter. It’s also important to know that this model comes with a two year warranty.

As with some of the other Eureka models, the largest concern here lies with this vacuum cleaner’s reliability. Many users feel that the AS2130A As One Pet has cheaply made plastic parts that can easily break, requiring the two a year warranty. You may save a lot here in the beginning, yet you could be paying more over time if this model doesn’t hold up.

Although there may be a slight risk here of the vacuum cleaner breaking down, the AS2130A still brings so many benefits to the table. It’s got all of the features that a versatile pet vacuum should have: long cord, lightweight, great suction and an allergen blocking filter. You really can’t beat the combination of price and premium features with this Eureka model.



-2 year warranty

-Good suction

-Design allows for less clogging, dirt doesn’t travel far



-Feels cheaply made, reliability is a concern