The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

The Do's And Don'ts Of Buying Vacuum Cleaners

Investing in a vacuum cleaner isn’t hard; you can just walk into a store, pick one and pay for it. Though, investing in a good vacuum comes with its share of challenges. You need to consider a number of important factors before making your final decision. It is at this point that many misconceptions about vacuum cleaners arise. Here are the do’s and don’ts of buying a vacuum cleaner that you should know before you think of investing in one.

Do's and don'ts of buying a vacuum cleaner

The Do’s

  • Keep your cleaning needs in mind

Each and every one of us has different cleaning needs. Some have very big houses with multiple floors while some just need a vacuum cleaner for their single room.There are so many models of vacuum cleaners ranging in size, design and functionality and it doesn’t matter whether you need a vacuum for your garage or your upholstery, you can easily find one.

There are vacuums that will work well for your carpeted floors or even your hard floors. All you need to do is identify all your cleaning needs and you will find one that works great.

  • Look at all the details

Most people assume that a vacuum cleaner is all about suction. What buyers should know is that a vacuum cleaner comes with multiple technologies for its motor, filtration system, nozzles and attachments. When investing in a vacuum cleaner, it is of great importance to look at all the details, including the ones considered minor, such as the type of filters, power rating, dirt bin capacity, controls and security features.

  • Compare different brands

Even before visiting the store, you should perform a market research both online and offline, just to ascertain if the brand you are searching for is worth buying. Check out reviews, user ratings, specifications and recommendations from other users. It also doesn’t harm to compare different brands within your budget range.

Compare their specifications, ratings, pros, cons and reviews. Just because you had made up your mind on sticking to a particular brand doesn’t mean you cannot invest in a better one you hadn’t thought about.

  • Test it before paying for it

There are so many times when buyers get home, only to discover that the vacuum cleaner they bought is too heavy for them. To avoid this, it is very important that you test it while still at the store, just to know how it works. Try to lift, pull and push it around the store.

You could even try maneuvering it around edges and tight corners just to see the amount of ease and convenience it offers. You should even try out its switches and controls to ensure they work perfectly.

  • Shop for your lifestyle

Are you a pet person? Then you might consider buying a pet vacuum. Do you have kids and how dirty does your place get? The dirtier and busier a place, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner should be. For people who are busy or always on the go and may not find the time to clean their floors, a robotic vacuum will work best. Depending on your lifestyle, you can search for a vacuum that sorts out your different needs best.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t be tricked by high price tags

As much as the world teaches us to believe in “the more expensive the better” paradox, it is time we embrace that fact that it may as well be untrue. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, prices should not be used to judge their effectiveness.

In fact, the best models in the market are not the most expensive. Before you even think about paying for that vacuum, check out its features, ratings, recommendations and reviews as they are more important than the price.

  • Don’t assume that suction is the most important feature

Apart from the suction power indicated on the vacuum cleaner, there are so many technological features you need to consider. These include filtration systems, nozzle design and the brushrolls. All these work hand in hand to ensure your cleaning is done to perfection. Be sure to look at even the minor features before purchasing the vacuum.

  • Don’t assume that any vacuum is up to task

Although every vacuum cleaner is designed with the best features and specifications, it doesn’t mean that it can work perfectly everywhere. Each vacuum cleaner is made for a particular purpose and this should be considered first before investing. For instance, a dry vacuum cleaner cannot clean up wet messes among others.