The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner ReviewAny home owner looking for the warmth, tranquility and the beauty of their house usually thinks of carpeting their floors first. Unfortunately, as much as carpet has these benefits, it is more prone to dirt as compared to bare floors. Carpet fibers have a tendency of holding onto dirt, dust and debris as compared to bare floors. With your regular vacuuming sessions, you may never be able to get rid of the deep-seated dirt.

This calls for deep cleaning once in a while, and the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is your most ideal solution. Just as its name suggests, this carpet cleaner has been designed specifically to ensure your carpets are given the most special treatment and that they are kept in perfect health and condition.

Features and Specifications

  • 75% More Suction

When compared to the regular leading upright deep carpet cleaners, the Rug Doctor bears 75% more suction power. This feature makes it more effective in terms of getting rid of any dirt held within the carpet fibers. This suction is powerful enough to remove both dirt and water from your carpet, hence ensuring faster drying time and the best deep cleaning. This vacuum’s suction has been tested against the top leading brands of deep carpet cleaners by measuring the air watts pursuant to the ASMT F558 at its head.

  • Features Dual Cross Action Brushes

The Rug Doctor knows too well that a carpet requires a great deal of special treatment, and a thorough, yet gentle cleaning. Equipped with a pair of brushes under its surface, you get each of your carpet’s fibers to benefit from being cleaned from all sides. These Dual Cross Action brushes make sure that all the dirt is gotten rid of, even the deep-seated ones and the ones that have dried onto the carpet fibers. It will then polish the carpet after cleaning the bristles.

  • Equipped with Super Boost Spray Function

Carpets can really get dirty, especially for households with kids and pets. With such messes around the house, you will surely need some extra power in addition to the powerful suction to get all the dirt out. In this case, the Super Boost Spray function is absolutely the answer to this problem. This function gives your carpet cleaner an extra boost that makes it possible to perfectly clean heavily soiled carpets, stained areas and high-traffic areas in the shortest time possible.

  • Features a Collapsible Handle

In addition to this Rug Doctor carpet cleaner being compact and lightweight, another feature that makes storage a lot easier is the fact that it comes with a collapsible handle. Whenever it needs to be used, you will only pull up the handle and if not in use, you will just collapse the handle. This makes it possible to store this carpet cleaner within a wider variety of areas. This collapsible handle also makes transportation easier.

  • Cleaning Path Width: 12 Inches

A wide cleaning path usually means that the carpet cleaner can wash wider areas in a single sweep. At 12 inches, the Rug Doctor has one of the widest cleaning radii as compared to other cleaners of its caliber. In fact, this feature makes it possible for you to clean larger areas within a short period of time. Since it is well-defined, you no longer need to worry about cleaning the wrong places as the already cleaned areas remain clearly visible once this machine has been passed over them.

  • Features 2 Simple Lift Water Tanks

Being a deep carpet cleaner, the Rug Doctor is equipped with two tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. These two tanks are have the Simple Lift property that makes emptying and refilling a cinch. They ensure that any clean water that is directed to your carpet is separated from the dirty water that is sucked into the vacuum from the floors. This ensures a spotless clean for your carpets.


  • Easy to use

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner has been designed to ensure its user enjoys every bit of their cleaning experience. It has a 28-foot cord that provides a wider cleaning radius. Its controls are really easy to use while its tanks have the Simple Lift property for easier emptying or refilling. It is compact and lightweight hence easy to maneuver around the house as you deep clean your carpets.

  • Really effective

This carpet cleaner has a 1.1-gallon water tank capacity which is enough to clean larger carpeted areas without the need to frequently empty and refill. This makes cleaning more effective. Its incredibly powerful suction, dual cross action brushes and super boost spray ensure maximum effectiveness is achieved in your cleaning. Its wheels are also carpet=friendly for better and safer steering and maneuverability.

  • Easy to store

The Rug Doctor is compact and very lightweight at only 25 pounds which makes storage easier. The most outstanding feature that makes this possible is its collapsible handle that easily folds to allow for better storage within smaller spaces.

  • Excellent performance

This Rug Doctor has a suction power that is 75% more powerful as compared to the highest quality carpet cleaners in the market. In addition to this, it has it comes with a pair of dual action brushes that deep clean the carpet fibers for a spotless clean. Its super boost spray feature also gives it the ultimate power it requires for perfect carpet cleaning.

  • Versatile

This carpet cleaner, unlike most others has been designed to wash and vacuum your carpets. It releases clean water to the floors via its nozzle, scrubs your carpet fibers using its dual cross action brushes, sucks in the dirty water from the floors for faster drying and polishes the floors, all in a single cleaning pass, hence really versatile. It also cleans different kind of carpets, ranging from ones with short fibers to the ones with long fibers. It also comes with the upholstery tool for the stairs, stains and automobiles.


The Rug Doctor carpet cleaner only sucks in water when moving backwards. This is quite a nuisance to new users who are used to other carpet cleaner models.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most users totally love its high suction power that makes its cleaning results incredible. They also love the fact that it requires no assembly and can be used absolutely out of the box. This machine has been praised for its ease in filling and emptying and also its superb storage.

On the negative side, it takes quite some getting used to for better suction of the water as it only does this when moved backwards. Other users do not love its lack of a water heater. All in all, it is a great unit for any home owner.


The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is definitely the best doctor for your carpets. Each of its features is aimed at giving your carpets a thorough scrub while keeping them in perfect condition. This carpet washer has the most powerful suction that ensures all the water is sucked from the carpets, allowing for quicker drying. It gets rid of tough carpet stains and dried in dirt. With its specially designed brushes, it goes deep into your carpet’s fibers and gets rid of the deep-seated dirt. It is absolutely your most ideal pick if you need some special treatment for your carpets.

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