10 Bad Things You Shouldn’t Do With Vacuum Cleaners


Most of us often invest in a vacuum cleaner with the notion that it will do anything a broom or mop can’t. Though, we fail to understand that vacuum cleaners also bear their own limitations. By using them without the knowledge of these limitations, we tend to get into trouble with them, leading to damage and losses. Here are the 10 bad things shouldn’t do with vacuum cleaners to make them last longer and work effectively.

10 bad things shouldn't do with vacuum cleaners

1. Vacuuming hard items

Vacuum cleaners were meant to clean normal household dirt, not to suck up anything they come across. Whenever you come across hard objects such as broken glasses and coins, it is important pick them up before vacuuming the area. These items could tear up your hose, break the vacuum’s plastic parts and even clog the air and dirt passages. This should be avoided at all costs as it may actually cause permanent damage to your machine.

2. Vacuuming with an overfilled dust bag or bin

Most people are usually held up with vacuuming their living spaces that they forget to check whether their dirt bags or containers are full, while some do this in the name of saving costs. It is important to ensure you empty the dust bins frequently during cleaning and have the dirt bags replaced when at least two third’s full.

Apart from ensuring your vacuum does not lose suction power; it also prevents possible clogging and overheating of the machine which could lead to permanent damage.

3. Using a regular vacuum on wet messes

Regular vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up dry messes and trying to use them on wet messes could damage them. These vacuums do not have enough suction power to take in liquids and their interiors are not designed with the proper materials to support exposure to liquids. Using a standard vacuum cleaner to vacuum wet messes could cause permanent damage to its interiors. It could even lead to electrocution of the user.

4. Using the wrong attachments or nozzles

Every vacuum cleaner nozzle or attachment is designed for a specific cleaning need. Using these attachments and nozzles in the wrong places may lead to damage to both the vacuum cleaner and the surface being cleaned. Using the hardfloor attachment on a carpet may lead to destruction of the carpet fibers or poor cleaning results. Likewise, using the carpet tool on hard floors may not achieve a perfect clean.

Outdoor vacuum cleaners are meant for the outdoors and come with attachments and nozzles that are fully optimized for outdoor use. On the other hand, indoor vacuums have attachments and nozzles that work best indoors. Before purchasing or even using the vacuum, you need to read the manual to know where exactly it can be used.

5. Not cleaning the vacuum cleaner parts

Cleaning the vacuum’s parts is usually a very important part of maintenance. This protects it from clogging and getting damaged. Most people usually assume that the vacuum cleaners have the self-cleaning feature, but in real sense, its interiors and exteriors need to be cleaned. Special attention should be on the filters, brushrolls and air passages as they encounter most of the dirt.

6. Running the vacuum over its cord

Working with corded machines is usually quite messy, but when vacuuming, extra care needs to be taken. As much as the vacuum cleaner cords have been designed with enough strength to resist being rolled over, this practice could lead to fraying of the cords. In fact, over time, the insulating plastic could chip off exposing the wires which could later lead to electrocution or even destruction of the vacuum cleaner.

7. Disposing off the vacuum for loss of suction

It is common practice for most people to throw their vacuum cleaners once they start noticing loss in suction power. Most people do this because of inaccessibility or unreliability of repair services. You need to check whether it’s dirt bin or bag is full and requires emptying or replacement as this is one main cause of loss of suction.

You also need to check the filters to see if they require cleaning or replacement. Clogged air passages could also be a cause for this. You do not need a technician to do this for you as they are very easy steps to follow.

8. Carrying the vacuum cleaner by its cord

This happens mostly for canister vacuums as most of them do not come with handles. You should never carry your vacuum cleaner by its cord as this weakens and damages the cord. In fact, any kind of pulling to the cord is not allowed. This also applies to the hose, lest you end up with holes and tears which will lead to total loss of suction.

9. Sucking up powders using a regular vacuum

Regular vacuums are designed to clean normal household dirt and as much as they may be able to clear very fine messes, it could pose a high risk to your vacuum. These fine particles tend to clog the vacuum’s filters and may then clog your vacuum’s air flow. This could then lead to overheating of the motor and possible permanent damage. For fine messes such as powder, it is best to use an outdoor or wet vacuum cleaner.

10. Using faulty vacuum cleaner parts

Any owner of a vacuum cleaner knows too well how hectic it can get trying to repair or have parts of your vacuum replaced. This has led to most people continuing to use their vacuums even with faulty parts including cords, hoses and brushes among others.

You need to note that by so doing, you are putting your life, your property and the vacuum itself in great danger. You risk electrocution or getting hurt, your property risks getting burned in electrical fires while your vacuum cleaner risks further damage.

These are 10 bad things that you shouldn’t do with your vacuum cleaner. And these are some of the common mistakes we have done at least once with our vacuums. We may have escaped the consequences, but you never know when they will catch up with us. So it is of great importance that we stop practicing them.

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