Vacuum Cleaners Useful Advice For Homeowner

Vacuum Cleaner Advice

The vacuum cleaner is an essential part of the household cleaning team. It consists of all the necessities needed to not only keep the floors of your home clean, but also in making the air in your home feel fresh and free from allergens. The services it provides to every home owner mandates that it is well taken care of and treated in such a way that it will last longer and keep giving us the services we nearly cannot live without.

Vacuum Cleaners Useful Advice

Check and clean the bag

One thing you will absolutely require your vacuum cleaner to do without fail is to have a strong sanction capability. Without the strong sanction, you are not doing effective cleaning of your carpet. One way to ensure that the sanction power of your vacuum cleaner remains strong and steady all through its life is ensuring that you check and empty the bag when it is full. Never assume that the vacuums indicator will war you in time, manually check it yourself.

Check your belt

The belt is the most important part of your vacuum the first being your vacuum motor. When your belt is damaged, the vacuum will not pick up on carpeting at all because it will not spin the brush roll. Rubber bets are prone to melting, cracking, slipping and stretching even when the vacuum cleaner was never turned on. The best practice is to ensure that you check on whether the belt is fine once every month whether you have used that vacuum cleaner that month or not. Whether permanent or rubber all belts are prone to wearing out.

Clean and change the filters frequently

Today, most vacuums are labelled “bagless”. His does not mean that the vacuum cleans itself and nothing needs to be changed. These vacuums have multiple filters that take the place of the disposable bags other types of vacuums use. Checking he filters at least once a month is needed because they are trapping a lot of dirt. When the filters are clogged, the motor is overheated and the sanction is cut down to almost zero. This destroys your motor very fast.

Clean the brush roll

The brush roll is vital in the cleaning process. It can however have hairs and carpet fuzz tangled in its bristles. Over time, this makes the motor burn out which is not at all cheap to repair. Always unwind or snip any tangles.

Take advantage of the attachments

When buying a vacuum cleaner, there are always many attachments that come with it, most people do not use the attachments. Crevice tools and dusting brushes are however, every cleaner’s best friend. They ensure your home is cleaned in every area.

Guiding the cord when rewinding it

When unwinding the cord, many people will just press the unwind button and let he cord unwind itself. However, it is good if you hold it in your hand to guide it because otherwise it is sent off its track and becomes damaged.

Clean the entire vacuum

Other than the parts mentioned, you should always make sure that your vacuum is cleaned professionally. This will ensure that any problems are fixed on time and your vacuum cleaner has longer life.

Read the manual of the manufacturer carefully

Not only with vacuum cleaners but also with the other products. You should read the manual of the manufacturer carefully to use the product effectively. We find that most people don’t care about the manual, but its really important so be sure that you always read the manual of vacuum cleaner of the manufacturer.


  1. I’m trying to take better care of the new vacuum that I bought. I really appreciated all of these tips. I can see why it would be super important to clean and change the filters regularly. Thanks for sharing!