The Most Useful Home Vacuuming Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Hairs Vacuuming Tips

Vacuuming Tips For Pet OwnersOwning a pet is a blessing. With a pet, you will never feel lonely or bored as they will be there to make you happy. Unfortunately, with all the benefits that come with having a pet, it is completely impossible to escape the messes that come with having one in your home.

Dealing with pet messes without the correct cleaning appliances can be hellish, but even with a good vacuum cleaner and poor cleaning procedures, you surely won’t get a perfect clean. We all know that it is not easy to totally get rid of pet hairs and other messes from your house except with the following home vacuuming tips for pet owners.

Vacuum often

The first rule of making your house cleaning easier is vacuuming often. For pet owners, it is very easy to see how much this step is needed. With a little drop in the number of times you vacuum per week, you get to suffer the consequences of accumulated pet fur and messes. If possible, you need to vacuum daily, especially in the areas where your pet spends most of his time. This makes it easier every time you come to vacuum as there will be no pile-up of dirt hence faster vacuuming.

Spot clean any pet stain immediately

Pet urine, stool and even food messes have been known to create the toughest stains especially on carpet. No matter where you see such a mess, it is of great importance to work on it fast so as to prevent stains. For solid messes, you can scrap them off using a blunt knife, blot it with a clean cloth, apply a mild solution of dishwashing liquid mixed with water and blot again using a clean towel, rinsing and blotting until you get rid of it. If the stains are persistent, then you may actually need the services of a professional cleaner.

Use maximum suction

Getting rid of pet hairs is usually a tough task. This is especially for long hairs and fur. If you own a pet that sheds off a lot of fur, you should ensure that you set your vacuum cleaner to maximum suction for the most effective clean. It also helps to have a vacuum that has nozzles and brushrolls specifically designed for cleaning pet messes. Maximum suction and other customized features ensure that the pet messes are sucked into the dirt container without getting blown into the air.

Consider different kinds of filtration systems

The most common filtration system recommended for people with pets is HEPA filtration. These High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters have been designed to capture very tiny dirt particles, allergens and pet dander that are airborne. This in turn reduces the probability of developing allergies and infections from airborne allergens and microorganisms such as dust mites. If you experience problems with getting rid of pet odor, then a carbon filter may be the best choice for you.

Concentrate on areas your pet loves

The couch is definitely one of the most adored areas of the house by pets. When vacuuming, do not forget to pass the nozzle or attachment tool through the crevices, corners and between and under cushions. You can shake the cushions a little to get rid of the pet hairs. This also applies to your bedding. Woolen carpets are also loved by pets and given their fibers, they are more prone to holding onto pet hairs and other messes. You should consider shaking the smaller carpets and area rugs outside before vacuuming them thoroughly.

For bigger carpets, you will need to find a high-suction vacuum with a good brushroll for the most effective results. In order to avoid going through all this, you should have your pet trained, set up specific bedding for them and restrict them to using them. In fact, the pet’s bedding should be covered using an old sheet that will be shaken outside before being washed.


Prevention is always better than cure hence preventing pet hairs from getting into areas that are hard to clean is usually the best solution for a clean and hygienic house, free from pet messes. This can be achieved by providing special pet beds or cushions and restricting your pet to them, rather than having them all over your carpets and upholstery.

Grooming your pet often also helps get rid of any loose hairs that may be shed easily. You should never forget to clean your pet’s bedding as they are the most prone to dirt and allergens. Using pet-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning supplies will also be safe for both you and your pet.

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