How to Choose a Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa?

Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa

Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa
For most people, the longest amount of time within the house is usually spent on the couch, which makes them the most prone to dirt. In addition to this, sofas are made from upholstery, a fabric that easily holds onto dust and other kinds of dirt, and requires gentle cleaning. This in turn calls for a more thorough yet tender cleaning, preferably using a special wet vacuum cleaner for sofas.

Most people usually find it challenging to pick a single vacuum that will solve all their sofa cleaning needs. What do you look at when buying a vacuum for your sofas? Well, most people just find a small vacuum that looks trendy or belongs to a famous brand. This usually works, but not as excellent as a wet vacuum that has been chosen carefully with specific features and factors in mind. Below are 5 really important features to watch out for when investing in a wet vacuum cleaner for sofa.

Most Important Factors to Consider when invest in A Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa

  • Portability

Cleaning a sofa usually requires great portability, a property that is determined by the vacuum’s size and weight. A more compact size will make it possible for you to reach every corner and edge of your sofa with ease. The weight on the other hand, should be light enough for easier maneuverability up and down the sofa. An easily portable wet vacuum makes cleaning of your couch easier, faster and more efficient.

  • Suction power

Cleaning of the sofa, especially where wet messes are involved requires a considerably high amount of suction. Finding a wet vacuum with high suction ensures that all the dirt, debris and dust are pulled out from the upholstery with great ease. It even helps better to have one with adjustable suction power for different kinds of dirt, and different levels of cleaning.

  • Ease of use

If you need the best results from vacuuming your sofas, then you need to find a wet vacuum with easy to use controls and adjustability. The wet/dry button or control knob, adjustable suction, easier changing of attachments and nozzles are great additions. The extra attachments that come with your vacuum also determine its ease of use and effectiveness. A crevice tool, a dusting brush, upholstery tool and different kinds of nozzles for your sofa’s wet vacuum will definitely be of great help.

  • Corded or cordless

When investing in a vacuum for your sofas, it is important to consider if you want to go with corded or cordless. For cordless ones, make sure that the battery life is great while the corded ones should have a long cord for better reach.

  • Dirt capacity

Most compact vacuums that are most ideal for vacuuming sofas do not have large capacity dirt containers. Though, you need to find one with a considerable capacity to prevent frequent emptying that may be time wasting.

Recommendation Product

BISSELL SpotLifter, 1719 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL SpotLifter, 1719 2X As much as its name suggests purely carpet cleaning, the BISSELL SpotLifter 1719 does the most amazing job on upholstery, especially sofas. With its 7-inch nozzle, cleaning is made much faster as it offers a wider cleaning path. With a 9.6V voltage, this device runs for up to 15 minutes on a full charge. It has a dual tank system for separate storage of clean and dirt water as you clean. This wet vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight, at just 6 pounds. Its controls are really easy to use even for first time users and is definitely the best pick for you.


Just like your expensive fluffy carpet, your sofa also needs some special care. A good vacuum, one that should be chosen using the above guidelines will come in really handy when it comes to this. Such a vacuum remains as effective, efficient, versatile, reliable, convenient and easy to use forever.